March 9, 2008

Props to the City of Brotherly Love

My friend Nancy had never been to Philadelphia, and I hadn't seen my friend Stanley in several weeks. Both of those facts are a crying shame. As a result, Nancy and I journeyed up to the City of Brotherly Love to check it out.While Stanley was taking his ethics exam, which we assume he'll pass with flying colors, Nancy and I went downtown to see the historical sites. We battled through the rain to first see the Liberty Bell, then Independence Hall -- thanks to the cool lady who snuck us in without tickets -- and Christ Church Cemetery (Ben Franklin's grave).Stanley then joined us for some philly cheese steaks and shakes at a little restaurant that he loves. It was Nancy's first philly cheese steak, and I have to admit that mine was delicious. Not something that the heart can take too often without having a coronary, but tasty on the every-so-often visits I've been making to Philly.
Now it was time for the second annual clubs tournament. It's played just like spades, but clubs are the trump suit because St. Patrick's Day is this month. The games were long, and it took Nancy and me a bit to figure out our strategy, but we ended up with a 2-0 record in the ~5 hours of card playing.Philly is always a fun city to visit, and I think both Nancy and I had lots of fun seeing the sights and experiencing the history there. Plus, we've got several things that we didn't get to do that we wanted to, including but not limited to: running the Rocky steps and doing the mural tours.


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  2. Hey brother. We miss you. Just thought you should know.
    Lots of love,

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