March 17, 2008

Late Lunch at Niki & the Schmidts

Church can really make you build up an appetite. On occasion, you get invited to (or you host) lunch or dinner on Sunday afternoon. I love these gatherings because it's a relaxed meal and it isn't so late that you have to worry about getting home to bed.
Niki and the Schmidt sisters invited me and a few other people over to their place for a late lunch, and it was a most enjoyable afternoon of chatting and getting to know some people better that I haven't had the chance to really talk with before. One previous impression that was reinforced: those girls are really fun and funny. One first impression: Michele Mickelsen makes a delicious dessert (which Sarah and I are eating in the picture above).


  1. that picture makes me hungry. and jealous that I'm not in it...

  2. i think we should get everyone together again for dinner! It was such a fun group. I am craving that pudding right now!

  3. Just want to say HI!! Glad you're well fed physical and socially. Still jealous you got to see Brooke on the big stage! Love you, little bro. xoxo, Meg