January 2, 2008

New Years 07/08

This was one of the most special New Years Eves I've had so far. Kaitlyn flew into town from SoCal, and we had a great weekend doing things together. She flew in on Sunday morning, and I picked her up from the airport. She'd been flying all night and was exhausted. Though she probably didn't feel beautiful, to me she was the prettiest thing I'd seen in quite some time. I was just so happy to see her.

We tried to go to Mount Vernon that evening, but we got there a little bit late and it was closed. So instead we went for a walk in Old Town Alexandria and looked at the Christmas lights. On Monday, I did some work from home and we went to the mall to look at "various items". We grabbed a bite to eat at PotBelly's on our way home, because that's one of the places Kaitlyn requested during her time here.
After a couple hours of primping [is that really a word, it looks so weird], we were all dolled-up and ready to go to the Kennedy Center for our New Years festivities. It was apparent that most of the Kennedy Center patrons that night were a little older, and that made us feel even cooler to be there. The performance of "My Fair Lady" was excellent. The actors and actresses all fit their parts perfectly and put on a terrific show. We especially liked Eliza's dad. You could tell he loved being in the spotlight. What a character!

When we exited the theater, the whole foyer was packed with people. The "beverages" were flowing and the two bands (one on each end of the room) were playing classical music for dancing. Kaitlyn and I took a few moments to enjoy the spectacle and then we threw ourselves in.
We showed off some moves and found a spot to dance right under where the balloons would drop a few minutes later. It was really fun to be "fancy-dancing," our term for it, when the balloons started falling to signal that it was midnight. After a nice New Years kiss, we continued dancing for another hour or so, taking periodic breaks for picture posing. After a little stroll outside to cool off and look at the stars and view of the Potomac, we left the Kennedy Center to meet up with friends at Meghan's house for an after-New Years party, and then headed home.On New Years Day, we had an impromptu Georgetown photo shoot and then met up with Kate and Meghan at La Madeleine for a little lunch (the tomato soup was delicious, as advertised) and then did some shopping. Kaitlyn was very happy to see them and they were likewise very happy to see her. We checked out the National Christmas Tree by the White House, and stopped by the WWII Memorial, before picking up Pat and Talia to get some sushi dinner at Mei Wah.Back at the apartment, Kaitlyn and I didn't go right to bed, because we wanted to enjoy each other's company and delay the coming morning (and Kaitlyn's flight back to Cali). Our goodbye at the airport was lengthy, and we spent a lot of time just holding each other close. The hardest part is that we don't know when the next time is that we'll see each other. But I am grateful for such a wonderful New Years weekend with Kaitlyn and that she came all the way out to DC to see me.

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