January 21, 2008

A Little Sunday Dinner

My roommates and I are fortunate to be invited over to different apartments on some Sundays and to be fed by the residents of said apartments. This Sunday, I decided that our apartment was ready to host visitors and that I would make the meal.
It was a little hectic with choir practice and not getting home as early from that as I'd have liked, but my roommates helped some with cleaning up the apartment and we had a nice little dinner with some ladies that we invited over. Of course, there was much chatting and laughing (you'd expect nothing less from us, right?) and I was mostly content with my cooking attempt :)
My confidence in hosting a small gathering and cooking for guests was bolstered, and I hope to do this sort of thing more often. Feel free to email me if your apartment would like to RSVP for the next time I decide to hold one of these Sunday dinners.

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