December 10, 2007

My Birthday

I hadn't really planned on any birthday festivities, because nobody had mentioned any celebration plans and I wasn't about to go around trumpeting that it's my birthday and everyone should throw me a party. Just not my style.

Then the wonders of the Internet age kicked in. A couple of my friends noticed on Facebook that it was my birthday, and they asked me (in a semi-large group gathering) if it was true. I acknowledged that their detective skills had served them well, and then everyone decided that a party in my honor needed to and would take place that very same evening. Since our apartment isn't quite put together yet, my friends Brooke and Janilee said we'd do it at their place.

We played Wii, had various yummy treats (including a chocolate birthday cake), and chatted with each other. The turnout was pretty decent for a same-day event. Friends came and went from different groups of my friends --so we conveniently didn't have tons at once but they had naturally spread themselves throughout the night-- and it was a lot of fun to see everyone meeting and laughing together and just having a good time.

So, even though I would have been just fine without a party or the accompanying fanfare, I was very grateful for the party and getting to see so many friends on my birthday.

To see more pics from my birthday, click here.

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