December 5, 2007

First Day of Snow in DC

~10 am: As I was driving in to work this morning, the flurries started. By the time I got to work 2 hours after I left my house--yes, it normally takes 45 mins, but, unfortunately, there were some accidents--the snow was actually coming down and sticking.
So there will hopefully be a couple inches on the ground and my car when I leave tonight. I know that the snow will wreak havoc on my commute, but I think I'm going to start taking the metro every day and just tell my team to deal with my having to leave at 6:45 pm, so the snow issues won't won't really be a factor for my commute after that.

~8 pm:
When I walked out of work, I walked into a winter wonderland. There were several inches of snow on the ground, and it looked beautiful. It was still fresh, so everything was white. And it was a great snowball consistency, too.

Now that I've seen DC all decked out in white, I feel like it's Christmas season. Even if the snow all melts in the next couple days (which I'm told is the case), we've had some snow, and that means it's Christmas time. Maybe I should think about doing some shopping...

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