December 15, 2007

C2 Christmas Party

Ah, the annual ward Christmas party. Nothing like a cultural hall all decked out with wreaths and holly hanging from the basketball hoops. Seriously, though, this was a pretty good party.
I got there a little late (to the point that the second serving of mashed potatoes was the main portion of my meal) and had a great time seeing lots of friends, taking pictures, and generally making merry. There was a group of carolers (sp?) singing the songs of the season, and I was able to get a picture of me with the Amazonian girls club (added below for your enjoyment).
So my knees are a little bent, but they're still pretty tall
An area was also set aside for wrapping the gifts that had been bought for our Sub-for-Santa families, which is one thing I love about the holidays. I believe we all had a good time and it was another successful ward gathering.

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