September 14, 2007

SheDaisy and the Utah State Fair

So I hadn't been to the Utah State Fair in quite a few years, and it was about time to get back and see how/if it had changed. Especially since it might be a while before I'm in Utah again during the state fair.

Plus, the tickets for SheDaisy were free, you all know I love a good deal, and who doesn't like a free concert in general?

I went on my lunch break and stood in line in the hot sun for about an hour and finally got to the front of the line. They gave me four tickets (the most one person could get) and then a nice guy behind me gave me two extras that he didn't need.

So my sister Megan, Drew, April, Adam Hathaway, and I went down to the Fair that night and we met up with some other ward friends. The concert was pretty good, even with their little sister sitting in for one of the original SheDaisy girls who couldn't make it.

Probably the highlight of the night was when the Questar Gas guy (who was the emcee for the concert and has been in various LDS movies like Singles Ward) walked by in the middle of a quiet, sad song and Drew just started cheering for him. We all joined in and the guy seemed a bit confused but he waved to us. This happened a couple times and he always waved in acknowledgment of our cheering.

After the show, we saw him and got pictures. He was really nice and we chatted for a bit. Just before we started walking away, he kind of chatted with Megan and I could tell he thought she was cute. So as we walked, we decided that she should give him her number. Well, she was too shy to do it, but she'd let April do it. So we wrote her number down and April ran it back to him. Good times and it is for sure a great story, even if nothing serious comes of it.

Before we left, we saw the butter sculpture, had a funnel cake, and Megan and Adam did the bungee swings. It was a really fun night and now I've been to the Utah State Fair and remember what it's all about.

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