August 12, 2007

Brief Summer Recap #2

Family Birthdays:
My family has one or two birthdays each month from June through December. So far this summer we've had Adam's, Peter's, Gunner's, and Dad's birthdays. Mom's is next. On Adam's birthday, some of us boys went for a little bike ride so Gunner could try out his new kid seat.

Our Nation's Birthday:
I love the 4th of July. I just love it. Fireworks, 5K races, barbeques, flags in the front yard, etc. Love it all. This year I had some of my friends over and we enjoyed a little barbeque. It's always good to see the couples and their young 'uns. Everyone's growing up so fast!

Becca Haynie's Birthday:
Friends only turn 25 once. That's the quarter century mark, so I thought I'd make this one a little more memorable for my good friend Becca Haynie. She'd been working all week as a counselor at EFY, so I found her car parked in Heritage Halls at BYU and decorated it with balloons the night before her birthday. That way she found the surprise in the morning after EFY had ended. I joined Becca and some of her family in seeing the movie "Hairspray", which they all really wanted to see. John Travolta was a little distracting, but I enjoyed the show and it kind of got me looking forward to visiting New York and seeing some Broadway shows this Fall.

Becca and Kendra Haynie had a joint birthday party that night at the new Haynie condo in Provo. The place looks great and the girls love it. Way to go, Harold and Sherry. You definitely picked a winner and the girls will be the toast of their ward with a fun place like that. Their birthday cake was absolutely delicious. It was brownies with ice cream over the top (if I recall correctly). Becca, let me know if I'm wrong on that and I'll update this.

Manny's Sweatshop Takes the Title Again:
My brother Adam has been in a softball league for many years with some of his high school buddies, and they're quite good. I went to see him play, and it happened to be the last game of the season. They won a tight battle and after the game it was announced that they were the league champs. Congrats fellas! I believe they had 4 guys in the top ten batters in the league and 10 in the top 25. Pretty impressive! Maybe sometime they'll let me play with them again like in the old days...

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